From the darkness will come the truth! 

We begin on the world of Golarion, the state of Andoran, Spirit of Liberty. Unwilling to bend a knee to the devil-worshipers of Cheliax, the people of Andoran declared themselves a free country where all men and women had the right to choose their own rulers. Unique among the lands of Golarion, Andoran is a representative democracy; foreign nobles declare it a doomed experiment, yet simultaneously fear that the power of its philosophy may cause peasant uprisings in their own lands. True Andorens believe in self-determination at all costs, and hate slavery with a passion, even going so far as to send their glorious Eagle Knights on dangerous missions to undermine the slave trade in other lands and spread far and wide the call of freedom.

The Story So Far…The characters of the story have completed Hallow's Last Hope and Crown of the Kobold King. They have defetated the Forge Spurned who was tracking them since the ruins of Droskar; In a specatular knock-down drag-out fight in the middle of Falcon's Hallow. With that ordeal behind them they decide to travel with a caravan to Olfden. We left off with our intrepid heroe's traveling throught the Andoran countryside.

Tales of a Dark Moon